This right here shows your own own bias and hatred. I’m no Trump fan, but at least Trump uses real examples of real violence. He didn’t need to use made-up propaganda terms like “data violence” to make it seem like people who take offense over search engine result sorting suffer just as much pain as people whose loved ones are slaughtered by gang members.

You love the term “data violence” because it incites fear against software developers, and that makes it an effective tool in what is really just another social justice shakedown pitch.

So allow me some incitement of my own. Consider minimizing the anguish of family members over the loss of their children to gang violence because there’s only a “small number” of them. Consider highlighting the annoyance of some (not exactly counted) people over search engine results, and your choice to devote far more attention to the annoyed than the “small number” that saw their children murdered in the streets. So you don’t exactly count the number that are annoyed, and don’t have an exact count (just “small”) on the number slaughtered, yet you are manifestly more distraught over the former. Clearly you aren’t in danger of falling into any acts of “data violence” yourself, because your views don’t seem to be based on data at all.

Retired software developer, husband, father. Student of history. Met Fan

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