This is the most thorough and generally fair presentation of the controversy that I’ve read. Thanks for this.

I think the dog that didn’t bark is significant. I was coinvinced when the Senate decided to wait for a week before voting that Kavanaugh was finished. A mob feeding frenzy started, with several networks seizing on the story of the bar fight in college. “He didn’t diffuse the situation!!!” “He was questioned by police!!!!” “He threw ice at someone!!!” Imagine a “job interview” where you have to justify actions you took in a bar during your college years.

Yet in this atmosphere where the media and the internet mob was locked and loaded, no one came out and accused him of anything mean and abusive. All anyone had to do was claim to recall that he used some racial or ethnic slurs while he was drunk, and he would have been finished. Flake and Collins would have run for cover.

Yet no one did. That says a lot.

Retired software developer, husband, father. Student of history. Met Fan

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