Think about this compromise:

  1. We roll over the NRA and criminalize the manufacture and ownership of all guns anywhere everywhere in the country. No more gun permits, no more hunting, no more armed guards. We repeal the second amendment.
  2. In order to enforce this, and to prevent the use of existing firearms we give police the right to stop and frisk anyone, at any time, to see if they possess guns. They can do random inspections of homes and workplaces for guns. These searches are only for guns, and people with guns in their profession serve long jail terms. We repeal the 4th amendment.

I mean, if guns really are “death, death, death” why allow people to walk among us with hidden guns? If we’re going to ban guns in the hinterlands, why allow the wealthy to pay for death, death death in the form of armed security?

I’m not really in favor of the above, but the plain truth is that we couldn’t safely ban guns without abandoning large parts of the 4th amendment. Otherwise we’re just passing new laws on top of the current set of ignored laws. We’d be empowering criminals, making it safer for them to sweep a building. We’re favoring the wealthy who can distance themselves from armed criminals and use armed security.

In my view, leftists are as fanatic about the fourth amendment as rightists are about the second. No difference.

Retired software developer, husband, father. Student of history. Met Fan

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