Arresting politicians is not the best way to end it — why create a grandstanding and martyrdom opportunity that can make a politician’s career?

A better way to end Nullification and Sanctuary Cities it is for Trump to threaten an executive order to “defer action” on copyright violations, trademark violations and industrial espionage for media and intellectual property created within the states that provide sanctuary. It would be modeled after Obama’s deferred action on immigration enforcement against “dreamers.”

It’s an easy thing for Trump to demagogue. He can justify it by claiming that the lack of support from states for federal immigration law enforcement means that the federal government needs to reallocate resources from less urgent crimes like copyright violations. States like California are free to find and prosecute bootleggers in the rest of the country — and good luck with that!

After all, wouldn’t it be a shame to deny cheaper access to the the “uplifting, inspirational” movies that were so nobly created by billionaires like Stephen Speilberg? “Arresting poor families for selling bootleg copies of Black Panther and Wonder Woman? That’s just not who we are are!”

The beauty of this is that the courts would be in no position to help. They’re too slow — just an announcement by Trump of a pending order would start a hacking and copying frenzy. By the time a court motion could even be filed, media and stock values would have plummeted.

Hollywood and Silicon Valley will very quickly bring an end to California’s sanctuary policies.

Retired software developer, husband, father. Student of history. Met Fan

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