Sorry, I’ll continue to enjoy the films of Hitchcock, and some of the earlier work of Woody Allen. I like good movies, and I don’t like preaching.

I think you ought to continue your film studies and learn about some film genres that don’t celebrate power and dominance. Like comedy — maybe you’ve heard of it? Is Austin Powers an example of hyper-masculinity? Was Peter Sellers spurring us to adopt toxic masculinity in the Pink Panther movies? How about the Airplane and Naked Gun movies? Go ahead, tell us about how all those very popular and successful movies “glorified white men in power” and illustrated following the “guy code.”

There never has been more of an A-list Hollywood power than Charlie Chaplin in his prime. After all he, Mary Pickford and Douglas Fairbanks created United Artists. He seemed to have made a name for himself without creating stories of dominant, controlling men. Go ahead, tell us how the little tramp was a model of power and dominance.

Those are all white men, by the way. White men who are invisible to you because you only notice men that match your hateful stereotypes about straight white cisgendered men.

I’m no fan of Hollywood, because I don’t like their insufferable preaching. I don’t like yours either.

Retired software developer, husband, father. Student of history. Met Fan

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