Some job interview! You shake hands with the last of a series of interviewers after talking with them in meetings during the past few weeks. They’ve read everything you’ve written, and you passed an extensive background check. You’re about to shake hands on the offer when someone calls on the phone and accuses you of pawing and groping her about 36 years ago, when you were in high school. She’s unsure of the year, or the place it happened, and no one who she claims was there recall seeing anything unusual. She waited about thirty years before speaking of it to anyone, supposedly when it surfaced in some sort of therapy.

You aren’t allowed to confront her, because skepticism is never warranted when a woman makes a claim. Woman never lie about these things. Woman are never mistaken in their recollections.

And if you get upset about being denounced, or even angry . . . well then that just proves you couldn’t have handled the job anyway!

Retired software developer, husband, father. Student of history. Met Fan

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