Our billionaires (Hollywood moguls and Silicon Valley venture capitalists) are a blessing, because they “innovate.” Your billionaires are just filthy oilmen and shifty Wall Street guys. Your billionaires are motivated by money. While our billionaires have a lot more money than your billionaires (just so there’s no doubt, let me list the book value of their properties) they remain completely uncorrupted by money.

Our inequality is fine, because it’s only temporary. We’ll get around to fixing things real soon now, once the cool foreigners and trendy hipsters we’ve brought in have chased the last black American away.


Yes, California is indeed a one-party state, and if history has shown us anything, there is no better safeguard of the people than a single party. Like California as a whole, its Democratic party is ahead of the rest of the country. The Democratic parties in the rest of America still need African-American and working class white votes, so they remain centered on broad issues of economic justice. California’s Democratic party is a welcoming shelter for Hollywood and Silicon Valley oligarchs (sorry, “innovators”), protecting billionaire treasuries by distracting the people with all sorts of boutique causes like bathroom policies and light rail subsidies.

California is indeed ahead of the rest of the country — it will be the first over the cliff.

Retired software developer, husband, father. Student of history. Met Fan

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