Math is, indeed neutral. You are not.

Math is neutral because it’s a system of axioms and logic that can be used to make predictions about the world, and these predictions can be checked. Calculus works. Newtonian physics worked to calculate orbits until it was improved by Einstein. Fluid dynamics work.

All of this you want to dismiss because to focus on the mathematics of Newton, Euler, or Godel would be to focus too much on people you contemptuously dismiss as “white dudes” or “straight white males.” Instead you want to teach about pyramids and crop ledgers because to you arithmetic is only as valuable as the color of the people doing it.

In fact you probably couldn’t teach about the accomplishments of someone like Ramanajin, because you can’t understand what Ramanajan did without poisoning your mind with some “white dude” number theory.

So by all means, teach your students that they too, can use abacuses and predict the tides. Meanwhile, mathematicians and engineers will be using, and extending “white dude” math to make the next leap forward in things like fusion technology and quantum computing. You’ll celebrate this because these mathematicians will, indeed, be people of color. They will be Chinese, because the Chinese have enough common sense to keep people like Dr. Gutiérrez far away from their STEM education programs.

Retired software developer, husband, father. Student of history. Met Fan

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