It would be presumptuous of me to give you permission for anything, which is why I didn’t. I made no claim about bullying, or the morality of kicking someone when they’re down.

What I did claim was that the passage I quoted employs an obsolete and crude gendered stereotype as an insult, implying that no weak man can be “manly.” And you oddly expanded on that in your reply: “A strong man is a good human being” seems to imply that a weak male — someone who falls short of the John Wayne ideal you still believe in — is neither good, nor a human being.

To me, strength and weakness, male and female, and good and bad are all orthogonal. Weak men can be good and strong woman can be bad. On the other hand, I think bullies need to be strong to be effective bullies — weak bullies get set straight in short order.

Retired software developer, husband, father. Student of history. Met Fan

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