I think you are making my argument for me. Making immigrants a protected class, as you call for, means you are arguing for extra protection for a certain class of people, and hence less protection for others.

“ I’m sure you agree with me that this is a Bad Thing.”

I do. But I want to unravel the Bad Thing, and work towards the ideal of equal protection. You want to extend the Bad Thing, supposedly because the Bad Thing becomes a Good Thing when certain people are favored.

Of course the pedigree of the assailant matters. When people within a protected class maim and kill each other, it’s not uncommon for harsh, and sometimes even hateful words to be used as blood is drawn. Those same words uttered in the course of a violent act by a person outside the protected class against a member of the protected class is cause for elevated scrutiny, making the assailant subject to harsher “hate” penalties.

“. . . I’m sure dentists would become a protected class too”

There are lots of victimized people that don’t share your confidence. People gain heightened protection because they lobby for it, they have enough influence with the powerful to get it, and the powerful gain some benefit from the new arrangement of winners and losers. Stalin favored some minorities with his protection, and he doesn’t have much of a reputation for nobility.

Retired software developer, husband, father. Student of history. Met Fan

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